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Founded by Briana Campbell, La Verte  is dedicated to providing customers with exceptional products and services. Read on to learn more about our owner.


Briana Campbell, owner and founder of La Verte, began her journey in skincare in 2010 creating skincare for her young son.  What originally started out as a hobby to create natural and healthy skincare for him grew into her mission to help all people achieve optimal health and wellness by way of their skin. When she first started making products, she was not only a single mother but also working full time as a Civil Engineer back in 2010. 8 years later, she went to back to school and acquired her Esthetician's License.

While in school she discovered that there was incorrect or missing information on proper care for skin of color. Since then, many skincare lines have been launched specifically for “melanated skin”. However, at La Verte we do not believe that functional skincare is based on the color of your skin and healthy skin cannot be achieved with products alone. Our products have been formulated with the premise that great skincare is based on skin conditions/issues, lifestyle, and genetics. Using her science background and esthetics knowledge base, she has formulated La Verte's simple and clean skincare products. Life is already hard…your skincare does not have to be.

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