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Who We Are



At La Verte, we promote a lifestyle that encourages you to love and appreciate who you are naturally by providing functional plant-based skincare products that combine Nature with Technology so that you can achieve the best skin of your life. Our products are inclusive, sustainably sourced, purposefully handcrafted, and formulated to work effectively with naturopathic medicine practices. In addition to our products, we provide education and aesthetic services that fits your specific needs, helps you understand your body and guides you on your health & wellness journey.

We truly believe that most skin issues can be resolved holistically using naturopathic medicine without using harsh chemicals and invasive treatments. Healthy skin isn't just about the products that you use; it's also about your skincare routine, eating habits, genetics, and lifestyle.


We want to create an environment where our clients can feel comfortable being themselves and not worry about what others may think of them. We want our clients to feel confident in their skin and know that they are making smart choices for their health.

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