About La Verte

Nature's Luxury For Your Skin!

Everyday life can get overwhelming and stressful.  Sometimes you just need a relaxing spa day…in the comforts of your own home. La Verte creates in-home spa experiences in the form of natural bath & body products.  


Our products add nourishment to your skin and well being. Our

packaging is also environmentally friendly. 


​​We receive radiant reviews daily, like these:

“I love and really enjoy using these products! I have the detox soap, lotion and the facial products. I am well pleased with these products and looking forward to buying more!” S. Pratt, Texas

"I love La Verte bath bombs and shower soothers. I try to stock up with every purchase! The shower soothers are my favorite product...l drop 2 in my shower on the days I'm stressed or feeling drained."  F. Hollingsworth,Texas



Hi, I'm  Briana, founder of La Verte. Though I am a licensed professional Civil Engineer, La Verte was born from my love for spa days and my desire to find healthy, natural skincare options. 

I began my journey in natural bath and body products when I decided to research alternatives to skincare because of my son's (4 year's old at that time) severely dry skin and my sensitivity to many store bought skincare products.  I did not want to continue to put those harmful ingredients on our delicate skin.

My eyes had been opened to ALL of the harmful ingredients contained in those products.  After several batches of body butter, I was able to formulate a product that not only provided aromatherapy but was nourishing to our skin.  


From that point, my passion grew into a desire to create an in-home spa experience in the form of natural skincare. So I created La Verte which means "The Green". 

 La Verte where "green" is not just a color but a way of life.